The Portal to Adventure

Far off in the Southern Reaches, Chief Nightgouger and his band has come across an abandoned dungeon that Nightgouger intends to make his Clan’s Lair. But somewhere deep in the bowels of the newly christened Nightgouger Hole, is a dangerous secret and all the potential to change the Nightgouger Clan – and the World – forever.

Amok! is a multi-genre, multi-game, table-top RPG centered around the goblins of the Nightgouger Clan. The main setting of Amok! is Nightgouger Hole and set in an unnamed fantasy world in the 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons game. The pregenerated goblin characters have character sheets for each of the different games, and worlds. The game was originally designed as a framework for any one-shot adventures that needed to be run – either in-between games or when one or more players cannot make it, but here it has also been expanded upon to create an actual campaign. As with anything, of course, take what you want and abandon what you don’t.


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